The best car finance deals are those that completely wow you. Even if you think you might get rejected or the rate on an expensive car might be high, you can trust Car Finance Machine to come up with the goods when it comes to a cheap car finance deal.

We not only have a 96% customer satisfaction rate but we also have a panel of lenders that spans over 300 at present, who are all geared up to lend money to you for your new car, and who take applicants that have previously been rejected by MotoNovo or other finance companies that deal with bad credit applicants. You can also buy used car finance deals from us, as you should know, that the loan is pitched against the car so that its a secured loan on the car. Keeping up repayments is vital to keeping hold of the car, you should be aware of that.

When it comes to getting car finance deals, we are happy to assist you with our knowledge and expertise in the finance industry. See our FAQ page for more details on the usual questions we get. We often update it as and when new questions come in, for example, is 19 year old car finance a problem? Or what about supercar finance? I've got an IVA or a CCJ can I still get car finance?

How Car Finance Can Work For You

Car finance in the UK is accessible for people who have come to an agreement on the price of the car they want to buy, most find it difficult to pay cash in lump-sum due to a number of reasons. The easy way out of this issue is to buy the car by financing it, through dealership, an online financial institute, home equity loan, a bank or credit union. Each of the above mentioned ways for car financing has their benefits and down-sides.

New cars or even used cars can be very expensive and not everyone has a car to part exchange or one that is valuable enough to buy the next car outright. This is where car finance loans come into play. You can get a respectable interest rate on a short-term car finance deal, so that the total interest paid is very little for example, even Motonovo bad credit score finance deals can come out at 5.6%.

If you have a good or excellent credit rating then you can often get 0% interest car finance or a very little amount of interest. All that is needed is to put your details into our calculator and you will receive a car finance quote in around 2 minutes time.

Financing A Car Through a Dealership

The advantages of financing your car through dealership are that it is competitive, fast and convenient. Often people use dealerships to arrange their car finance, but you could not be more wrong to do so! You often get front-loaded, higher interest rates at the beginning and a sliding scale to entice you or baffle you with numbers. But with Car Finance Machine you simply get to see exactly what monthly car finance payment you will need to pay by Direct Debit, and how much interest that will cost over the course of the term. This is a much better way of seeing how much a car should cost you, and not be sucked in by dealership jargon!

Plus, using Car Finance Machine you get to compare over 300 lenders at the same time. With only one credit check. This is important as you do not want to scupper your chances in the future by having lots of credit checks on your credit report. A dealership will have their preferred finance company that gives them a commission and their interest rate. We have a fixed rate that is transparent and easy to understand. Ultimately, and the bottom line is, that you will pay more for the same car if you arrange finance for a car through the dealership.

What determines an Accurate Interest Rate For a Motonovo Bad Credit Car Loan?

The objective of ads on television is to pull-in a customer and then reveal the actual interest rate that is applicable as per your credit rating, that is, if you are a loan risk then be certain to get a higher interest rate on your car finance loan. Another element that reflects a rate change is the term of the loan, the short-term loans have lower interest rates and long-term loans have higher interest rates. Though it may sound strange yet for some odd reasoning geographical location may also play a role in determining the low APR interest rate for car loans.

We see that the Motonovo car finance calculator is pretty good for most things but ours is fast and straight to the point. We do not try and sell you further banking products like loans or credit cards which Santander or Natwest does, and we certainly do not share or sell your details like some finance companies do. We give the best car finance deals we can to you whatever your situation. Some people might have a better credit rating, a higher deposit, need a shorter term loan and they will get fantastic rates such as 0% car finance or low APR. Others have IVAs, unemployed, CCJs and need a longer term finance deal for their new car, and therefore they will often pay a little more in the way of interest an alternative to Motonovo car finance bad credit deals but we often find that people are rejected from there but we can take them no problem . But, ultimately, it means that nearly all of the people that apply for one of our best car finance deals will receive a positive response 96% of our applicants are accepted.

We know you have probably looked at low interest, low APR car finance loans but have been flummoxed by the jargon but we try and make it as simple as possible. Fill in your car finance application above and wait for the answer given about 1-2 minutes afterwards. You will be pleasantly surprised, we are sure!

Take a look around, enjoy the savings and pop your details in the car finance calculator and be prepared to be wowed and wooed by our Car Finance Machine.