0% car finance deals are usually the best way to buy a new car. You often have to put a deposit down, usually your previous car’s worth, and sign a finance agreement taking advantage of the zero interest charged on the car. Check out the range of new 0% APR cars and see which one you fancy.

However, when it comes to buying a new car, there are so many different options, not only in the make and model of the car but the trim levels and optional extras can make the difference too. Even if you’re 100% sure of the car you want, having a comparison site that compares all new cars agaisnt each other helps with your decision and if you’re not sure yet, then it’s a great way to do some much-needed research.

How to Buy a 0% APR Car on Finance?

The best way to research a new car on 0% APR finance is to choose what is important to you, submit that information into a comparison engine and let it give you the potential cars that would be perfect for you. Sounds great doesn’t it? This is what we can help you with in order to buy a car on O% finance.

Once you know what you want, then the next big hurdle is the price. A big hurdle, yes. There are so many dealerships around the UK that don’t or can’t market themselves well enough to everyone that wants to buy a new car. This is where our new car comparison engine really comes into play. We submit your needs from a car to the dealers, without your contact details first, then the engine pulls the best 0% APR car deals from around the UK and gives you the option to filter by price. Once you have found the right car for you, then get in touch with the dealership or let them get in touch with you.

Don’t worry about if the car is at the other end of the country, many dealerships can deliver the car to your door or a nearby dealership in their network.

Our Free O% APR Finance Car Comparison Engine

Remember, this is a free service we’re offering and your details are not spammed by dealerships unless you tick the option to be contacted (on the next page). You can browse the cars that are matched up with you - think of it as a dating comparison engine but for cars - and choose your 0% APR new car today.

Click here to fire up the comparison engine and start filtering the results for the types of cars you’re interested in.

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