Leather Guitar Straps

Whether you're into financing your new guitar, one thing is for sure is that you need a high quality leather guitar strap for it. Fender, Gretsch, Gibson or others need to be held strongly and firmly and by quality hardware. That only comes from one company, Bison Boa.

Bison Boa is a UK made, globally distributor of their handmade leather guitar straps. They have sold 1,000s on Amazon, top band members use them, every day guys and girls do, but one thing is for sure is that not one other guitar strap in the world has the attention to detail as Bison Boa does.

It takes 400 days of tanning of the leather, a special secret wax that is used only by Bison Boa, and handcrafted in a painstaking way that divides the rest of the guitar strap makers into being inferior.

From cream leather to coffee or tan leather sumptuous leather straps, whatever colour your guitar is you will find a colour-match for it from Bison Boa. Without a doubt, no one builds leather goods like Bison Boa.

Playing guitars is a personal time where it's just you and your investment. Guitars are expensive so why put an inferior strap on it? Just because it came with a branded strap doesn't mean it's any good. Other leather straps stretch and become loose. Bison Boa straps age, change colour and become as unique as your guitar playing. Not one strap is the same, even from the same hide. It develops a patina, a feel, a buttery look and moulds to your body.

So, if you want top quality leather guitar straps check them out.

Rank Tracker - Check Your Google Rankings Every Day!

If you own a website then you need rank tracker tool like Track-R. We have noticed that so many people in the world that have websites don't know where their site ranks for the main and secondary keywords in Google. Not knowing this, means you do not know if you're hitting the right marks with your customers or your site in Google.

Without a doubt, when it comes to running a business statistics matter. Data that can be used to gauge whether your marketing campaigns are actually doing anything. Online marketing is different to other types of marketing as you can find out exactly what people are searching for, rank your site and check the rankings and work towards the top postions.

Checking rankings is therefore paramount to being successful online. Understanding your rank tracker software shouldn't be difficult. It's straight forward. If you do not know what you're doing, then hire a company to help. By knowing the data and looking at your website positions every day, then you can continuously adjust what your marketing spend does so it has the most effect and best ROI.

Many people call website postion checking as SERPs checkers - SERPs means search engine results pages. Having a Serp ranking checker will help anyone fulfil their online business and get the most out of it. By increasing rankings, you can make more customers from hitting the right keywords and collecting people that want to buy your service or product.

It's as simple as that!