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    excellent credit score car finance rates


    So, you fancy a new car and all you need is the money. Then look no further. It takes less than three minutes to fill out the form on the homepage and you'll know straight away how much your repayments are. You can get accepted in no time and the money can be in your bank or the dealer's bank straight away. This is the beauty about having a good credit score and wanting car finance, you just need to decide on the fun stuff, like colour, specification and which dealer you buy from.


    why car finance is better than car leasing


    As we aren't a financial institute or the dealer who will be leaning towards their finance company, we scan over 300 lenders that take millions of applications every week and give you an accurate and best figure for your car finance. Our super quick Car Finance Machine can sort you out with a deal in no time at all. We give you transparent figures that show exactly what your monthly repayments are, what the interest rate is and what interest is applied to the loan. You choose how many years you'd like to pay the car finance over and we're sure that you will find an amount that is more than comfortable.

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    Apply for Car Finance

    Send Your Application

    It takes about 2 minutes to write your name, address, employment details and bank details over. We then do a quick check to make sure everything is correct and decide on your car finance application there and then. You will find out in around 60 seconds after you've applied if you have good or excellent credit scores. If you have bad credit, please click on the lower than average score page.


    Buy a Car on Finance

    Purchase the Car Through Our Finance Company

    Once accepted we pay the dealer for you or in some cases you get the money to pay the dealer. This way everything moves swiftly and there is no long waiting period, unless the dealer has to order the car in from somewhere. Buying your new car or used car on finance through Car Finance Machine is so easy and quick that it makes no sense to use a slow finance machine.

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